6 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Personal Assistant

How our ibLE experts can support your support teams

The role of a personal assistant is to make their boss’s life easier. But who’s doing the same for PAs? At times, the day-to-day of assisting can be overwhelming and an extra pair of hands, even just for a few days, could make a world of difference. Enter, our ibLE experts—fully-trained virtual assistants from PA backgrounds with years of experience and know-how, to assist your assistant when they need it most. Here are six ways our experts can help your PA…

Blast the busy periods

There are times in a PA’s career when, no matter how hard they try, their to-do list doesn’t get any shorter. Like a never-ending gobstopper that’s even worse than turning into a giant blueberry. During these busy periods, a virtual assistant can help to tackle that to-do list, taking on anything that comes their way and working alongside your PA to get sh*t done. 

Assist other team members

There’s an important task that needs to be done, but a team member’s schedule has bottlenecked the progress, leaving you and your schedule on ice (a nightmare for both you and your PA). A virtual assistant can help to support your busy team member with their to-do list, so they can complete the task and get things moving again. Now complete, your PA can wipe it from your schedule and prioritise other projects. 

Holiday cover

Your PA is jetting off on their honeymoon, which leaves you to manage things on your own. Or does it? With an ibLE expert, your PA can hand over all of their tasks, which means that you’re never without the help you need and your PA can relax and enjoy their well-deserved break, without worrying about what’s going on in the office. 

Maternity or paternity cover

If your PA is going to be out of the office for a while with the arrival of a new bundle of joy, then a virtual assistant can step in until they’re ready to come back. With our ibLE experts, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, without any contracts or obligations. In other words, flexible maternity/paternity cover without the job ads, interviews, and upheaval. 

Take ownership of big projects

In addition to the day-to-day role of a PA, there are certain projects that happen every-so-often, but eat up lots of time. Whether it’s an office move, the annual client BBQ or a trip for the whole team to Amsterdam for Christmas, our ibLE experts are fully-trained PAs, meaning they can take full ownership of these projects, without hand-holding. 

Hold the fort during recruitment limbo

If there’s ever a period where your current PA decides to change roles or even move to a different company (we know, we’re sorry, it’s hard to think about), you can sometimes experience a phenomenon called ‘recruitment limbo’. Recruitment limbo is when your employee (in this case, your PA) has moved on and your new PA hasn’t started yet. To fill the role in the meantime, a virtual assistant will take care of your PAs tasks, meaning your inbox, calendar and task-list are always running smooth.

Any CEO and exec who has a PA will know the value they bring every day and hiring a flexible virtual assistant to help during busy projects or periods is a way of showing them that you care about their wellbeing and happiness in their role. 

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