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An interview with Siebe Van Dijck, Founder of Product Studio, Undefined.

Through a passion for user-friendly design & development, Siebe started his career working with agencies & startups, eventually becoming the lead developer at a creative studio working closely with large clients like Disney, Sony & Warner Bros whilst overseeing an upgrade to the internal platform enabling it to handle ~15million monthly page visits. With the experience of working on small & big projects, he founded a product studio aiming to help startups build future-proof products.

Here, we talk about his experience of starting out on his own and what the future holds for Undefined.

Tell us a little bit about you and Undefined…

Hi! I’m Siebe and I’m the founder of Undefined and an interactive designer & developer. With Undefined, we help startup & innovation teams bring products to life. We work with both small and large businesses from around the world and we are with our clients the entire journey from the idea stage to launch and everything in between.

How did you make the decision to start out on your own?

Whilst I was working across multiple sectors in the technology industry, I discovered I caught the bug for building products that matter & more importantly last. I loved the idea of helping people make their lives easier through technology in sectors that are typically overlooked by tech teams. I believe there is a lot of power in collaboration, so I wanted to start something that would give me the opportunity to partner with people who already have tons of experience in their field and help them infuse technology to make a difference.

How do you know Ible?

We’ve been working together with the ibLE team to upgrade the platform with some kick-ass new features over the last year. It’s been great to have been able to help improve the workflows by automating the platform & seeing the impact it has made to save time for the ibLE team, assistants & users.

What does a typical client look like for you?

Since our passion is mainly in product design & development most of our clients are businesses who want to integrate new features into their product or rapidly get a first version & MVP live of their ideas. This can range from solo-founders to fully build out teams who are lacking some technical expertise.

What’s been the most difficult job you’ve worked on?

Ooh, very good questions! Personally, having been involved with a complete rebuild of the platform that supports most Movie websites by clients like Disney & Universal pictures has been very challenging & satisfying since it had to be able to scale quickly & be very flexible. More recently having worked together with Macmillan has been a very unique venture as it brought along working with people who have less digital experience.

What does the future look like for Undefined?

We’re quite excited about what the future has to offer, especially after seeing the creativity & innovation that has surfaced during these challenging times. Alongside that, we’ve been playing around with new ways to build progressive prototypes, which allows us to validate features in a more functional way, by actually putting working prototypes in real users hands.

Head to the Undefined website to learn more about what they do and how they can help you bring your product ideas to life.