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8 Big Benefits of a Virtual HR Manager

They say a business is only as good as its people and so, you could say that your HR team is responsible for taking care of your company’s most valuable asset. Most business owners know how important a good HR department can be, but in those stages of growing a business, when cash flow is limited and costs are tight, hiring an HR manager often becomes a ‘one day’ pipe dream. 

Well, dear reader, we say that every business, big or small, deserves to have a stellar, kick*ss HR manager on their side, no matter their size or budget.

“But how can I have an HR Manager if I can’t afford to hire one?”

Excellent question! That’s where Virtual HR Managers (like ours) can help. We have a roster of HR specialists on our team who can support you as and when you need them. Here at ibLE, we’ve done all the work of finding and hiring the best people, so you can access the help you need in a flexible, easy way (without any recruiting). 

Could a Virtual HR Manager be right for your business? Here are some reasons to say yes.

Remote HR built for remote teams

Flexible, remote working is here to stay and that means that HR will look rather different from what we’ve previously known. 

In the past, entire teams would work in the same office every day and so, HR departments would have full oversight of what’s going on and everyone would be able to access HR with a simple knock on the door. 

Virtual HR Managers specialise in working, well, virtually, and so they have all the tricks of remote working down to a fine art. Because of this wealth of experience, they can set up your HR processes in a way that’s specially designed to engage and support remote teams, no matter where they are in the world. 

Get a second pair of eyes

A huge part of an HR Manager’s role is to uphold your company culture in all the ways that truly matter. That means, establishing organisational standards that tie in with your business’s purpose and values. 

If there is no HR team, this task often sits on the shoulders of senior management and business owners — people whose heads are very much in the business. In this case, a Virtual HR Manager can provide nonpartisan guidance by auditing your current corporate culture and how it is brought to life through HR. Then, they can establish new ways to optimise your processes in a way that makes your business a value-driven place to work. 

Take recruitment off your hands

Recruitment is an ongoing process, from resource planning to attracting candidates, selecting candidates and of course, offering the role. What’s more, this process repeats for every new person who joins your team. 

Growing businesses know that great talent is the key to success and a study by Glassdoor showed that organisations that invest in a strong candidate experience can improve their quality of new hires by up to 70%. With that said, when you or your current team don’t have the time to find new team members, it can put a pause on your growth trajectory (and no one wants that). 

A Virtual HR Manager can take care of the full recruitment enchilada, whether you need them to help you with finding one particular role, or if you require ongoing support to grow your team. 

Skyrocket the onboarding experience

53% of HR professionals say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved

It’s certainly a worthwhile investment. Those first few weeks of a new team member’s time at your company can set a solid foundation for how they grow within your business. 

A Virtual HR Manager can make sure that their first impression is a great one, by streamlining processes like payroll, admin and set up, alongside other things like introducing them to the team and showing them how to use all the tools and systems that will have an impact on their role. 

A laptop is on the table. On the screen, you can see a full team on a video call.

Automate your HR processes

If there’s one thing that Virtual HR Managers love more than processes, it’s an automated one — and for good reason too. In a report by WorkMarket, 53% of employees said that automation could help them save up to 2 work hours a day (240 hours per year) and 78% of business leaders reckon automation could save them up to 3 hours a day. 

Traditional HR can be considered as quite a task-heavy role, but thanks to some very clever people, new tools have been developed to streamline these processes. A Virtual HR Manager can help you to redesign your current set-up to incorporate automation at its best. This means that the human side of your HR team, however that looks now, or in the future, can concentrate on the strategy and work that drives your business forward. 

Keep on top of training and development

Employees who think they are progressing in their career are 20% more likely to stay at their companies and training plays a huge part in that.

A Virtual HR Manager can work with your team members individually, helping them to build an ongoing development plan to reach their goals and then, put everything in place to make it happen. This means that your team get the opportunities that give them career satisfaction, even when you don’t have the time. 

Unbiased conflict management

When an issue needs to be resolved, it can help to have an external person at hand to ensure that biases don’t impact any decisions.

A Virtual HR Manager can support you on a one-off basis as a mediator or for a longer term to resolve conflicts between employees and even business partners. 

Switch between HR managers for different needs

HR isn’t just one blanket skill — there are multiple elements within the role that require specialist knowledge. 

When you work with us, you have access to a team of Virtual HR Managers, all with their own niche expertise. Instead of hiring one person to do it all, you can select the absolute best person for any HR task that your business needs.

Like we said, we think every business deserves to have a stellar HR Manager on their side. So, register now to meet yours today.