How We’ve Built ibLE to Help Business Thrive in ‘The New Normal’

Flexible, accessible help, as and when you need it. 

Ah ‘the new normal’ — the truth is, there’s no singular definition, is there? No blanket statement that tells us exactly how things are going to be, because if we’re honest, things aren’t exactly normal yet. What we do know is that they’re not quite what they used to be. 

Lockdown has plunged most businesses into an intense crash course in flexible and remote working. We’ve seen a real change in how people work day-to-day and also, how businesses can adapt to survive. 

Speaking of change, we’ve made some adjustments to ibLE — building upon our services to help businesses make those adaptations and grow. Here’s how we can help you…

Flexible resource, without the cost of hiring

With ibLE, you only pay for the time you use, from as little as 5 minutes. No hiring process, no long-term contracts, just flexible teams when you need them.

What this means for you: If you’re starting your team from scratch or your business is in between hires, you can get help, without the commitment. 

We’re a team of experienced virtual experts, specialists & assistants

ibLE was founded by a team of real-life personal assistants in the UK with decades worth of experience. 

Recently, we’ve expanded our team to include specialists in all business areas, like marketing, accounting, operations, project management and more. 

What this means for you: You can build an entire team of virtual experts to support on an on-going basis, or here-and-there when you need extra brains on board for a project.

A dedicated team of your own

When you’re paired up with your ibLE experts, they’re with you time and time again, so you’re always working with the same people. 

What this means for you: You don’t need to repeat the process of introducing your business and how you like to work. They can hit the ground running, no matter the task. 

We bring a wealth of virtual know-how

We’ve been working virtually long before lockdown started, so we’re experts in running businesses efficiently, even when there’s no central office. 

What this means for you: We can advise you on processes and tools that make remote working more effective for your business.

A virtual team within 24 hours

Think of us like next day delivery, resource edition. Sign up to ibLE within just a few minutes and we’ll pair you up with a team within just one day. 

What this means for you: Got a deadline? We’ve got you covered. 

We take care of everything

Each ibLE expert is hired by us, which means we take care of all HR, all payroll and keeping our experts happy and motivated. 

What this means for you: All the work of running a team is done for you. Plus,  you and your experts have a team to contact with any questions. 

Introducing, automatic payments

When you sign up to ibLE, just pop in your bank details and payment will automatically come off at the end of each month you’ve received help from our virtual experts. Receipts will go straight to you or your finance department. 

What this means for you: No dealing with invoices, just a slick, automatic process that does it all for you. 

Looking to build a flexible team going forward? Sign up now.