7 tips on making work and travel come together

There’s a clever venn diagram out there somewhere that explains how “work”, “travel” and “business travel” all overlap in a series of funny ways. The way we imagine business trips is to involve laptops around the pool and holidays to involve laptops firmly left at home (with neither often being the case).

In my experience, work and travel are two things which come together quite nicely. Possibly because, as a previous EA, travel for both myself and those I was supporting was an essential part of everyday life. The more you travel, the more you learn and with that in mind, I wanted to share some of my essential travel notes for making all of your trips, work or otherwise, to run more smoothly.


Use a checklist

As an ex-EA I know how important checklists are and when you have to travel last minute or your mind is occupied elsewhere, it’s important to turn to your travel checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. From having one list for essential items like chargers and battery packs, to what documentation you need and your must have moisturiser to get you through those long flights, creating lists even just on your iPhone could cut your packing time in half.


Organise transfers

One thing that always comes hand-in-hand with last minute travel is expensive journeys to and from the airport. It’s worth spending a little time before you land working out the best way to get from the airport in the place you’re visiting. Whether that’s a local taxi, an Uber, booking in advance or even taking on the city’s metro, there’s bound to be an option that’s best for the country you’re visiting.


Consider your safety

Travelling alone can be daunting and women that travel alone are often at greater risk of being targeted than men. We work closely with security firm Rose Partners on all our security issues and our ibLE PAs know to go to them for any queries. They’ve written a great guide on travelling alone which you can read here and it’s certainly something worth considering before you head off.


Invest in luggage

Luggage. Not the sexiest of shopping trips is it? Yet I swear by buying a reliable suitcase on four wheels for making conversing airports so much easier. I recommend Rimowa but Samsonite is equally as reliable. I also have a few mini bags that hold everything from wires to make-up, to my passport and travel docs. Watch out for new brand “Take Monday”, which is coming out very soon. They have the most perfect bags for travelling with that don’t just look and feel great, but that are transparent so that you can see exactly what you’ve packed. A lifesaver!


Travel hacks

We’ve all had the experience of turning up in another country with a suitcase full of creased clothes (that you ironed before you left) unable to locate the hotel iron in time for dinner. In this instance I always use a hairdryer to get creases out of my clothes, as the heat gently teases out the creases.


Creating a travel routine

As someone who likes to stay healthy the hardest thing I find about travelling is sticking to my normal diet, sleep and exercise routine. My advice is to make sure you take what you would normally eat on the plane with you (many don’t realise that it’s okay to take food to consume on planes but it is). Also eat at times that suit where you are going, for example eat your lunch in what would be lunchtime in New York while travelling there, as this will help you to get into the timezone. Although flights are great for working on, make sure you get some sleep so that you feel rested and if you can, do some yoga when you arrive, as this will get everything moving helping you to feel much better.


Secret tip: Legology

I don’t get on a flight without using Air-Lite by Legology on my legs. If you’re someone whose legs get really achy and sore after flying then you will love it too. A find by ibLE EA Melissa that has saved me countless times, it’s a cream that helps with fluid retention (the thing that makes legs puffy after flying) and a whole host of other benefits. Definitely worth the investment!


What are your top travel tips when flying about for work or play? I’d love to hear them @ible_it.  

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